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Specializing in Shire, Drum and Gypsy Horses


Home to 9 Stunning Horses!

Shiredale is home to 4 Shires, 2 Drums and 3 Gypsies!  Home to Shires (Adrianna, Alex, Annie and Sara), Drums (Camille and Selena) and Gypsies (Cassie, Victoria and Violet)


Permanent Residents

Being a true Horse lover and a bleeding heart for the special cases, some have special needs (Annie, Alex and Cassie) and some are here to live out the rest of their days (Sara, Vicky and Violet).  The remaining are homebreds that will call Shiredale home forever (Adria, Cami and Selena)!



Throughout the year, every attempt is made to get the horses out in new events and situations to encourage their growth!  Parada Del Sol Parade, Cave Creek Parade, Church events, going to the beach in San Diego, CA are all things we try and do each year!

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Shiredale Farm

Scottsdale, AZ 85254, US

Kim Oest (480) 235-7272